The Guiding Principle of I’m in Ministry! is: We are all God’s children and need to be present to one another so we can learn from one another.

God doesn’t need our presence in the lives of our fellow human beings, yet he asks that we give ourselves to others through our love and our prayers for them. In John’s Gospel we are told, “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.”

Prayers interceding for our brothers and sisters genuinely touch God in a very special way.  His response to our prayers is an outpouring of grace.  God’s response to our prayers reflects the absolute love he has for each one of us.  He demonstrated it time and again as he healed those brought to him by others – people who cared enough to believe that God would answer the prayers and requests they brought forth in faith and love.

Our new I’m in Ministry! Monthly Prayer Initiative is but one of our responses to the call of the gospel to love and care for one another.  We will publish the names of those we have so humbly served the previous month each month moving forward.  These individuals and their families will be prayed for by individuals who have committed to uplifting the needs of our clients, and any other individuals whose names have been submitted by using the form below on this page, or by submitting names to us by emailing us at:

Names will be updated at the beginning of every month.  You can resubmit a name or names after the beginning of the new month, and they will be listed on this page within a short time.

Remember that it’s not the prayer itself, it’s not the number of times you pray for those on our list, but that God responds to the love and caring that you lift up to Him when you pray for others.

Lifts Up In Prayer . . .

  • Andreas B
  • Ann C
  • Antaquesna B
  • Artelia J
  • Ashley J
  • Brandi T
  • Cynthia A
  • Darby B
  • Denise M
  • Dylan S
  • Evelyn H
  • Franesca D
  • Francois P
  • Gary B
  • Georgina C
  • Jayniece J
  • Jennifer T
  • Julia J
  • Laquilla B
  • Our Prayer Warriors
  • Kim B.
  • Alice F.
  • Kimberly W.
  • Laroy E
  • Lesha C
  • Michael W
  • Priscilla P
  • Quiana P
  • Regina W
  • Richie N
  • Rondell E
  • S & J M
  • Shirley P
  • Terry S
  • Theodorsha O
  • Tonya L
  • Walter D
  • William F
  • Yamungo M
  • Zaire A
  • Our Donors
  • Our Volunteers and Employees
  • Ryan G.
  • Carol R.
  • Steve W.
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