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We are all God’s children and need to be present to one another so we can learn from one another.

We are Asking for Your Prayers

If you’ve ever interacted, either in person or by phone, with the I’m in Ministry! offices you probably talked with Sharon our Office Administrator.  Sharon was involved in a very serious auto accident late last week.  Fortunately, other than experiencing a lot of bruising and soreness, she lived through what could have been much more tragic.  Deacon Lou and all of the individuals that allow I’m in Ministry! to serve others in need are asking you for your prayers for Sharon.  First please pray that Sharon has a speedy recovery.  Second, please lift up Prayers of Thanks to God for protecting Sharon from much more serious trauma.

God Bless Sharon and God Bless Us All !!

Christ Child Society Honors Deacon Lou Primozic

The Christ Child Society of Cleveland recently awarded its important Red Wagon Award to Deacon Lou Primozic, founder of I’m in Ministry!.  The award is made annually to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the mission of the Christ Child Society – “Nothing is ever too much to do for a child”.

Deacon Lou humbly accepts the award while recognizing that it is only through the efforts of all of I’m In Ministry!’s staff, volunteers and generous donors that the collaboration with Christ Child is possible and successful.

Christ Child provides beds and bedding to I’m In Ministry!.  After adding a pillow, the I’m In Ministry! team delivers and sets up the items in the recipients’ residences.  Any additional furniture, household items, bedding, etc. needed are also provided through the generosity of I’m In Ministry! donors.  Books are also delivered to any preschool children which have been provided by the Literacy Cooperative.

Deacon Lou added, “Our recipients become a permanent member of the I’m In Ministry! Family.  Through a program called Compassionate Care they will be contacted in the future and any additional needs will be addressed internally or through our association with other organizations in the area community”.

Effective Immediately


If you have items of any kind to donate to I’m In Ministry! we ask that you contact us, using our Donations Form, by email at info@iminministry.com, or by calling us at 440-736-7415 .  Please do not bring any items to the I’m In Ministry! Center.  We will make arrangements to pick up your valued donations.  We will update our website when we are able to accept drop off donations.

Thanks for your understanding.

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How it works:
1. Open the Amazon app on your phone
2. Select the main menu (=) & tap on “AmazonSmile” within Programs & Features
3. Select “Im in Ministry” as your charity
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I’m In Ministry!
This Is Who We Are

You can best learn what we do by looking at how we were able to help our community during 2020.

During 2020, I’m In Ministry! provided furniture, clothing, and household items to over 500 families, representing 2,000+ individuals (1,200 of which are children) at no cost. Over 5,000 pieces of furniture and household items have been distributed during the challenge of a pandemic year. I’m In Ministry! focuses on serving women and children, the homeless living without basic necessities, those who suffer from domestic violence, the working poor, and the elderly. 

Click the Button below to read our entire 2020 Summary Newsletter.

Volunteer Your Time and Talents to I’m In Ministry!

Each of us has unique talents and skills that Jesus asks us to share with all of our neighbors. The mission of I’m In Ministry! can and will only be met through the sharing and compassion that our volunteers bring to those we so humbly serve.

Please learn more about our volunteer opportunities by clicking the button below to visit out Volunteer page. You will also find a form that lists our most needed areas to volunteer.  If you are interested or would just like to learn more please complete the form and submit it when complete.  We will be in touch!!

You Have Items To Donate . . .

We have a continuing need for your household goods, clothing, furniture and almost anything that could be used to assist our neighbors in setting up their personal spaces.

Please learn more about the items we continually need  by clicking the button below to visit out Donations page. You will also find a form that lists our most needed items to donate.  If you are interested or would just like to learn more please complete the form and submit it when complete.  We will be in touch!!

Monetary Donations To I’m In Ministry!

Monetary gifts to I’m In Ministry! are always welcome and appreciated. Memorials may also be made in honor of a deceased family member or friend.

When donating please make your checks payable to “I’m In Ministry!”  Make sure you include your complete contact information so that we can acknowledge your gift.

If your donation is In Memory of a deceased individual, in addition to your complete contact information please include the name of the individual you are memorializing, as well as contact information for the next of kin so we can properly acknowledge your gift to them.

Memorials requested by the family of a deceased individual can be listed in an obituary or death notice so that others can make donations directly to us,  Suggested wording would be: Contributions may be made in memory of [list name here] to I’m In Ministry!,  PO Box 31880, Independence, OH 44131.

Please send your personal or memorial gift to us at our mailing address:  I’m In Ministry!, PO Box 31880, Independence, OH 44131.

I’m In Ministry! is a non-profit organization pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. Your donation to I’m In Ministry! may qualify for an income tax deduction in accordance with Federal and/or State income tax laws. Please consult with your tax advisor to determine whether your donation is tax deductible in whole or in part. Nothing in this communication is intended to constitute legal or tax advice.

Please contact us with additional questions

Call us at (440) 736-7415
Please Email us at: info@iminministry.com