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Feed My Sheep

Deacon Lou Primozic, Founder and CEO of I’m in Ministry! talks about the relationship between the Gospel from the Third Sunday of Easter and the requirement for us to care for each other’s needs.

St. Barnabas Villa Donation to I’m in Ministry!

St. Barnabas Catholic Church in Northfield made a difficult decision to close their senior citizens residence, St. Barnabas Villa. They chose I’m in Ministry! to receive furniture and other items. Watch highlights of our staff removing items which will go to many, many of our clients.

A 2000 Year Old Street Story

Deacon Lou proclaims the parable of the Samartain Woman at the well with Jesus and relates a real life story, A Street Story, of an encounter with a homeless woman that he and Fr. John helped move into her own space.

Cosgrove Center Visit, Fr Walt Jenne Interview and Premiere of an Original Song by Stephanie Baka

Members of the I’m in Ministry Team recently visited the Bishop Cosgrove Center in Cleveland where I’m in Ministry got its start. Deacon Lou sits with Fr. Walt Jenne, 20 yr. Director of Cleveland Catholic Charities and Pastor Emeritus of St Basil the Great Parish. Fr. Walt helped Deacon Lou start the ministry 8 years ago. They talk about the past, present and future of IMIN. Stephanie Baka, the newest member of the IMIN team performs “I Will Serve”, a piece she composed for IMIN.

Cosgrove Center Visit Part 2

When I’m in Ministry! visited the Bishop Cosgrove Center we interviewed some of their amazing employees. We also took some pics of the center itself.

New Year Message From I’m In Ministry!

Remembering 2021 and looking forward to 2022

My Dear New Friend

Deacon Lou talks with a Special Donor and her husband about the creative and heartfelt letter she wrote to accompany her donation to I’m In Ministry!

Ohio Catholic Federal Credit Union Donation To I’m In Ministry!

Ohio Catholic FCU has a member submitted donation program. This year they awarded a donation to I’m In Ministry! The donation will be used to feed families in need during this Holiday Season.



Happy Thanksgiving 2021

I’m in Ministry! Thanksgiving Message

Tell Us About I’m In Ministry!

Deacon Lou discusses the ins and outs of I’m In Ministry! – what we do, who we serve, how to donate, etc.