Call (440) 502-1060 to Donate Items, Schedule Pickup, or Request Assistance.

Call (440) 502-1060 to Donate Items, Schedule Pickup or Request Assistance.

The First Act of Kindness
It all started with the kindness of Fr. Walt Jenne and his persistence in advocating for I’m in Ministry! (IMIM). Fr. Walt approached a potential benefactor and discussed the work of IMIM. Fr. Walt did such a great job that the unknown benefactor decided to purchase a new box truck complete with a lift gate for IMIM. This incredible act of kindness and generosity was conveyed to IMIM by the anonymous donor’s representative, who directed me to purchase the truck.

The Second Act of Kindness
Not sure how to purchase the best possible truck based on the needs of IMIM, I called Brian O’Donnell, the owner of Valley Ford Truck. Brian guided me through choosing the best truck based on IMIM’s needs. Brian provided the truck to IMIM at his cost and also personally contributed financially to cover various additional costs for the truck including transport costs, installation of the liftgate, and preparation costs, saving IMIM above ten thousand dollars.

The Third Act of Kindness
I then called Steven Gable from Innovation Exhibits in Boardman, Ohio; I told Steve about the donations and acts of kindness in receiving the truck; I asked Steve about placing the IMIM logo on the truck. Two days later, Steve emailed me and said his company and family decided to donate all the graphics for the new truck.
I have the privilege to receive and experience acts of kindness every day. With all the challenges we encounter in daily media reports and other information sources, I see kindness overshadowing all negativity. We need to encourage acts of kindness and promote stories of kindness. Finally, the goodness in people is the best Street Story I can share. Thanks to all who support IMIM. I am humble. With gratitude, I thank God for allowing me to see and experience the goodness in all God’s children.

Love and friendship,
Deacon Lou Primozic