Call (440) 502-1060 to Donate Items, Schedule Pickup, or Request Assistance.

Call (440) 502-1060 to Donate Items, Schedule Pickup or Request Assistance.

Initiated by the leadership of Nancy Jovanov and Stephanie Baka, the St. Basil Choir last week made a significant contribution to I’m in Ministry. (IMIM). The members of the choir made individual contributions and the total is a significant amount of money that will benefit nearly one hundred children. Below is a thank you letter I sent to Stephanie to share with all the members of the Choir. During my sixteen years at St Basil, I witnessed the music and voices of the choir, during weekend liturgies, the resurrection choir at funerals, and music and vocals at weddings and special celebrations. I always admired the commitment, dedication and talent of the St Basil Choir. Once again, they exceeded my expectations to help me and the children we serve at IMIM.
To the St. Basil Choir:
Thank you for believing in me and the people that I’m in Ministry! (IMIM) has the privilege to serve every day. The individual donations you have provided to IMIM will be used to serve children IMIM is called to serve. The money will provide food to the hungry, clothing to the poor and basics we take for granted like diapers, hygiene products and life’s necessities to children. I believe this my friends is truly living the Gospel.
Jesus says: “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” Mark 9:37
Finally, my gratitude is not nearly enough, my prayers for you are the only way to say thank you.
The donations, kindness, and compassion you show me and the people IMIM serves is a reminder of how much I miss the people of the St Basil Community.
Love and friendship.
Deacon Lou Primozic