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I’m in Ministry (IMIM) is proud to announce being selected by the Cleveland Clinic Community Health and Partnerships. The Cleveland Clinic recognized the outstanding work in serving adults and children within specific neighborhoods surrounding the Cleveland Clinic Main Campus. Representatives of The Cleveland Clinic Community Health and Partnerships stated that they have been impressed with the services of IMIM and are aware of the positive impact IMIM is making serving individuals and children living in poverty, while facing other insurmountable challenges every day. The newly formed partnership will benefit the health, wellbeing and health equity of the most vulnerable populations of the communities Cleveland Clinic and IMIM serve, whether in urban Cleveland, inner-ring suburbs or surrounding communities/counties. The Cleveland Clinic will provide financial and collaborative support while building a long-term partnership with IMIM. A key goal of the Community Health Strategy is to provide services to families and people throughout their lifetime, a principle exactly consistent with the IMIM initiative that once you become a client member, you are a client member for life. Deacon Lou Primozic stated we look forward to a relationship that benefits those we humbly serve. For more information on this valuable program please visit: